[fpc-pascal] ExtractFilePath(GetModuleName(0)) problem

lloyd thomas lloydie.t at googlemail.com
Sat Apr 11 11:01:31 CEST 2009

Need Help please "confini :=
ExtractFilePath(GetModuleName(0))+'\myfile.ini';" returns C:Program
FilesMyApp\myfile.ini should be C:\Program Files\MyApp\myfile.ini . Am
I doing something wrong?

The Problem is intermitent

    {$IFDEF Windows}
confini  := ExtractFilePath(GetModuleName(0))+'\Myfile.ini';
{$IFDEF Linux}
confini  := GetAppConfigDir(True)+'/callcollex.conf';

   IniFile := TIniFile.Create(confini);

returns  an  error as follows
project raised exception class 'EFopenError' with message:
Unable to open file "C:Program FilesMyApp\myfile.ini"

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