[fpc-pascal] FPC : MacMode more info

Pierre Paré pare.p at videotron.ca
Fri Apr 10 02:33:47 CEST 2009


If not the appropriate list for this question, would you redirect the  

I installed FPC with XCode on an iMac OS X 10.5
I am not a developer  , I want to get back at programming for fun.
I did not use C++ long enough to learn it. So I chose to use Pascal  
that I learned at the university ,
I know Pascal well enough but have no prior knowledge on the "Mac  
I never used Delphi nor TurboPascal per se.

I would like more complete syntax and implementation infos on the "Mac  
Dialect" in FPC

What is "Object Pascal, Mac style" in FPC :
	which object model : like FPC object and record type or like  
reference FPC class type ,
	which class and methods modifiers can or must or must not be used  
(abstract, class or static, interfaces),
	which units may, must or must not be used
		for base object TObject : from Object or System unit
		for framework : TCollection , TStringList from Object or Class unit

Do I need MacMode or will any other mode do ? Can interfaces, generics  
be used ?
Which object model will I need with Carbon librairies. It seems that  
accesing Cocoa is more difficult.

I am having a hard time finding (old) MPW, Think or CodeWarrior Pascal  
references manuals for the Pascal on Macintosh.
Pascal Central has some on general standards references and code banks  
but I didn't find technical language references specific to the Mac. I  
would appreciate some links.

Thank you

Pierre Paré

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