[fpc-pascal] Case Sensitivity

Richard Ward roward at mac.com
Sun Apr 5 17:09:54 CEST 2009

> (snipped)

> Pascal is case insensitive .

It may help newcomers like myself if this was mentioned on the ref  
document. Just double checked and it does not mention this.


Interestingly, I was going over the lang ref guide last night and  
found that the case sensitivity is mentioned in section 1.3 for  
reserved words.   It might be better to mention this in section 1.1 to  
cover more than just reserved words.   To be complete, it would  
probably be good to mention it in several places in the documentation  
where someone might want to look for it, but this would make the  
document(s) very bloated.   A problematic tradeoff.   The only  
practical solution I see for newbies would be to completely read  
through the lang ref guide once.   Some concepts may seem foreign but  
those you can go back over if needed.

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