[fpc-pascal] Small OSX GUI apps

Jon gianniblitz at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Sep 17 02:58:41 CEST 2008

Thank you for your replies Jonas

> if you're coming from Win32 programming, you may want to read this:
> http://developer.apple.com/documentation/Porting/Conceptual/win32porting/win32porting.html

Interesting document. Do I have to install Interface Builder and XCode to use FPC?

> > Are any *simple* examples available for creating OSX gui apps?
> There's one here (using Carbon):
> http://svn.freepascal.org/cgi-bin/viewvc.cgi/trunk/packages/univint/examples/

Excellent, just what I was after. Are there any more, especially Cocoa?

> > - and which is best?
> Depends on who you ask. But Apple has made it clear that they want to  
> move forward primarily with Cocoa.

How good is the FPC for each? Is there a separate install for both?

Best regards,



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