[fpc-pascal] Installing on Mac OS X

Paul paul.blommaerts at telenet.be
Mon Sep 1 15:44:27 CEST 2008

Ok Jonas,

that solved at least a few items.
Lazarus is complaining about fpcsrc files, which I didn't install.
I installed FPC2.2.2 and Lazarus only.
So I guess I have to go and install the source now.



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> On 01 Sep 2008, at 13:58, Paul wrote:
>> /usr/local/bin/ppc386
>> it'wasn't listed in the dropdown box.
> You can type it in. I don't know what exactly is listed in the default  
> dropdown menu and why.
>> I closed Lazarus (still open from yesterday) and now I can't find  
>> lazarus anymore.
> Type cmd-shift-g in the Finder. In the dialog box that appears, type / 
> usr/local/share/lazarus. You'll find the application there. You can  
> create an alias to it (shortcut in Windows terms) by holding down cmd  
> and option (= cmd and alt) and dragging the Lazarus application icon  
> anywhere you want. Then you won't have to remember its installation  
> location anymore when you want to use it again.
>> I understood that I have to add the directories manually in a  
>> console application or terminal,
>> a return to the DOS age.
> No, you don't, except if you want to the command line stuff. And DOS  
> was actually a partial imitation of Unix, not the other way around.
>> I need to get a book using OS X first, because this leads to nowhere.
> As I said, it won't help you in particular with these issues, because  
> Lazarus is not behaving like an OS X app at this time.
>> It won't be before weekend though.
>> Anyway, while Lazarus was open, I saw bugs in the editor: the last  
>> character of each line was written over the previous character.
>> Form = class(TFor) instead of Form=class(TForm)
>> en; instead of end;
>> Looks like a bug ..
> It's because Lazarus by default selects a variable rather than a fixed  
> width font, and its editor cannot deal with that (at least the Carbon  
> one can't). I believe this was fixed in more recent versions, but if  
> you first started an older version it probably stored the font name in  
> the preferences.
> To change it to a properly displayed font, go to Environment->Editor  
> Options, click on the Display tab and set it to Monaco (if you type  
> the name in manually, make sure you capitalise it like that). There  
> does not yet appear to be an option to disable anti-aliasing though.
> Jonas
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