[fpc-pascal] Question on programming serial communication.

vince coen vbcoen at btconnect.com
Mon Feb 25 16:37:38 CET 2008

There is also an actively developed BBS package called mbse that includes all 
source code that includes interfacing to modems after mgetty receives the 
call (also with source code).  Note that these are written in C.


On Monday 25 Feb 2008, Gene Buckle wrote:
> > Actually, this X00 driver was written for BBS systems with analog modems
> > around 1970-1980, namely for MAXIMUS and OPUS. This BBS programs were the
> > best ones at their time as far as I can remember, of course, at that time
> > there was no real Internet available to the public. ;-)
> FOSSIL didn't appear on the scene until 1986-87. :)
> I'm not sure how you'd go about performing interrupt driven serial I/O
> under Linux, but I can't imagine it's that difficult.
> There is a BBS program called EleBBS that is written with FPC and works
> under Linux.  You might want to dig up a copy and see how he did the
> serial I/O routines for the BBS.
> g.

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