[fpc-pascal] Compiler API specification

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Thu Feb 14 10:52:55 CET 2008

> Is it doable ?

If you don't want to set any parameters ( in other words no compiler options
> I might try and implement a little dll myself in Delphi by simply using the 
> fpc.exe and parsing it's output.
> Somebody with advanced knowledge of the compiler sources, might be able to 
> make a better/more robust implementation in free pascal.

Not really. Nobody uses Delphi like this. Maybe you should do a first
attempt to see how far you can come, and then report your findings here when
you really have something to report.

It makes no sense to embark on an adventure to heavily change the FPC
compiler for a project that doesn't exist yet.

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