[fpc-pascal] Compiler API specification

Skybuck Flying skybuck2000 at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 14 07:15:37 CET 2008


Here is my idea for a compiler application programming interface (api) / 

 // informs which file was tried by compiler, if successfull error text 
should be nil, else it should contain some kind of error messages
 TcompilerFileTriedCallback = procedure( FullFilename : Pchar; ErrorText : 
Pchar );

// returns true on success, false on failure
function SetSearchPath( SearchPath : Pchar ) : boolean;

// returns true on success, false on failure
function SetFileTriedCallback( Callback : TcompilerFileTriedCallback ) : 

// returns zero for successfull compile, or some value for number of errors
function CompileFile( FullFilename : Pchar ) : integer;

String/Pchar notes:

 all strings terminated with null terminator character.

Path notes:

 FullFilename example:


 SearchPath example:


 ; = seperator

Error notes:

 ErrorText should not contain null terminators except at the end.

Memory notes:

 User/Programmer provides memory for api calls/strings, unless otherwise 

 Compiler interface provides memory for callbacks/strings, unless otherwise 

(API untested but looks ok)

It works as follows:

1. Programmer loads the DLL or whatever.

2. Programmer sets the search path to be used.

3. Programmer sets the callback when feedback from compiler is wanted.

4. Programmer calls CompileFile to compile a file.

5. The compiler start compiling the file and all other files the file needs.

6. For each file the compiler compiles, the compiler performs a callback to 
let the programmer know that a file was tried/compiled or failed. 
Additionally the compiler returns error text, containing the errors for the 
tried file.

7. Finally the compiler returns zero for a successfull compile, or the 
number of errors.

What you think of this specification ?

Is it doable ?

I might try and implement a little dll myself in Delphi by simply using the 
fpc.exe and parsing it's output.

Somebody with advanced knowledge of the compiler sources, might be able to 
make a better/more robust implementation in free pascal.


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