[fpc-pascal] TListBox bug in LCL of Lazarus?

Vincent Snijders vsnijders at vodafonevast.nl
Mon Dec 22 10:17:08 CET 2008

J├╝rgen Hestermann schreef:
>> Can we expect some improvements (patches) from you soon. 
> I would like to but as I am new with Lazarus my knowledge about it is
> not sufficient to give advices (as you can see ;-)). More of such 
> pitfalls may lurk somewhere which I don't know about so I cannot give 
> advices about it.

No, not advices. Updates (source code) to improve the current behavior.

>> people who have Delphi code rather stay with Delphi, and that might 
>> not be unwise.
> But people using Delphi are the most likely to be converted to
> FPC/Lazarus so it would not be wise to reject them. Otherwise this
> project may lack of contributors even more.

I don't reject them. But people not using Delphi have very little to gain form a 
converter from Delphi. It is in their interest to focus on other things, like 
docking, better code tools/refactoring, code formatter, more documentation, off line 
help (local wiki and identifier help) etc. So you should not expect people not using 
Delphi to work on the convert.

>> You feed ansi encoded strings where UTF-8 is needed. That is garbage. 
>> Don't trust the converter too much.
> That's like saying: Don't trust FPC/Lazarus too much. How can a new user 
> know which parts of Lazarus can be "trusted" (whatever this is) and 
> which not.

Correctly. That is why I suggested to remove the converter altogether. You cannot 
know, it is not yet fool proof, and if you don't have it, you don't use it. OTOH, if 
you work on improving it then it is good to include it, so maybe it should just be 
an easily installed IDE package.


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