[fpc-pascal] Installing on Mac OS X

Paul paul.blommaerts at telenet.be
Sun Aug 31 16:26:14 CEST 2008

> It's probably best to install a Lazarus snapshot from 
> http://www.hu.freepascal.org/lazarus/
>  instead of Lazarus 0.9.24(which you have now). They do not have any 
> external dependencies anymore (and reportedly many other enhancements  as 
> well).

This needs fpc and fpcsrc.
Is fpcsrc needed by default (i did not install it), so this may be the 
problem I have now ?

> It's probably indeed easier first port it to WinCE (since that's done 
> using the Win32 version of Lazarus) to just get used to the Lazarus  IDE 
> and the FPC compiler. Next up is probably Linux since Lazarus has  existed 
> for quite a bit longer there than on Mac OS X, and finally Mac  OS X.

You're right, but it's not my decision and I have to do as I'm told


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