[fpc-pascal] Installing on Mac OS X

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Sun Aug 31 15:37:55 CEST 2008

On 31 Aug 2008, at 14:26, Paul wrote:

>> In the Finder, type cmd-shift-g (or menu Go and then "Go to   
>> Folder..."), and type /usr/local/share/lazarus. You should find  
>> the  Lazarus application there. The reason that you don't find  
>> stuff  located there by default via the GUI (you can use an  
>> advanced search  to also search those locations), is that regular  
>> applications are not  supposed to be installed there. Only Unix- 
>> based stuff lives there  normally, and people using that normally  
>> use the command line.
> I get an error though:
> Library not loaded: /sw/lib/libglib-1.2.0.dylib
> Are there any other packages to install then ?

It's probably best to install a Lazarus snapshot from http://www.hu.freepascal.org/lazarus/ 
  instead of Lazarus 0.9.24(which you have now). They do not have any  
external dependencies anymore (and reportedly many other enhancements  
as well).

>> the Unix-underpinnings of Mac OS X would certainly be useful if  
>> you  have no prior Linux/Unix-experience.
> which I don't have at all.
> I need it for just one application for the moment, maybe later  
> others will follow.
> But most likely, I'll need to convert that application to WinCE/ 
> Symbian/Linux first
> The reason I want to use FPC/Lazarus.

It's probably indeed easier first port it to WinCE (since that's done  
using the Win32 version of Lazarus) to just get used to the Lazarus  
IDE and the FPC compiler. Next up is probably Linux since Lazarus has  
existed for quite a bit longer there than on Mac OS X, and finally Mac  


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