[fpc-pascal] problems posting data with synapse to identi.ca

Tobias Diekershoff tobias at diekershoff.net
Fri Aug 22 14:59:45 CEST 2008

Hello everybody!

I try to write a little program to interact with identi.ca and struggle
with sending a new message. The (better then nothing)API says [1]

You have to have a valid login cookie to post. To get one, send an HTTP
POST to http://identi.ca/main/login with the arguments nickname and
    Post notice
Once you have login cookies, you can post notices. To send one, submit
an HTTP POST message to http://identi.ca/notice/new with the argument
status_textarea, a string of maximum 140 characters.

As I implemented fetching a timeline with synapse, It would be nice if
anybody coud give me a hint with this. I've tried HttpPostURL, but the
result is not very promising (i.e. false), which could be because this
is my first try with synapse at all...

Thanks in advance!

so long

[1] http://laconi.ca/trac/wiki/Version0API

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