[fpc-pascal] Mac & WinCe

Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho felipemonteiro.carvalho at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 16:14:48 CEST 2008

For Windows CE the best is using the lastest add-on snapshots:


The commonly used solution is cross-compiling from desktop windows.

There is also the stable 0.9.24 release for windows and the
corresponding add-on for wince cross-compiling, but there are *lot's*
of improvements since them, so I recomend the daily snapshots.

For Mac OS X using Lazarus I recommend FPC 2.2.2 with subversion
Lazarus 0.9.25 instead of the stable releases, because we now have a
fully functional native Carbon interface for Mac:


Read the wiki. There is a lot of material there.

Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho

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