[fpc-pascal] more questions on storage

Marc Santhoff M.Santhoff at t-online.de
Wed Sep 26 11:56:17 CEST 2007

Am Mittwoch, den 26.09.2007, 11:38 +0200 schrieb Jonas Maebe:
> On 26 Sep 2007, at 11:18, Marc Santhoff wrote:
> >> Longstrings are not working correctly. You should use ansistrings or
> >> shortstrings.
> >
> > Okay, good to know. Besides I'm using fpc 2.0.4, what is it that's not
> > working?
> Longstrings were never completely implemented nor tested, so no one  
> really knows what works and what doesn't. It would be better if the  
> compiler simply gave an error for them at compile time.

That's irritating, because "rtl.pdf" from the 2.0.4 release says on page

1.1.20 $H or $LONGSTRINGS : Use AnsiStrings
If {$LONGSTRINGS ON} is specified, the keyword String (no length
specifier) will be treated
as AnsiString, and the compiler will treat the corresponding variable as
an ansistring, and will
generate corresponding code.

I read it as there is no difference between the two (in that release)
and the compiler switches can be exchanged.

FWIW, I have this sitch in a couple of source files for a while now and
never had any (noticable) problems.


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