[fpc-pascal] Client/Server file transfer

Stephen Dickason sdickason at elcb.co.za
Mon Sep 17 15:36:02 CEST 2007

I'm needing to create two programs, a client and a server that will take a
file via command line parameter, compress, encrypt and send it from one
computer to another (possibly over the Net) and decrypt, decompress and save
file in original form.  In Delphi I would probably use some of the ICS
components, but seem to have problems compiling.  It seems there is a socket
unit in FPC with examples, but I haven't managed to get the 2.0.4 version
working on my XP machine - doesn't seem to be firewall problem.  For now the
two programs don't need a GUI interface.  Reason I need to make the programs
is because ftp server is too insecure.  I'm busy trying to get the latest
versions of FPC to see if it works with them.

Any advice is welcome, thanks

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