[fpc-pascal] ANN: fpGUI now features a Visual Form Designer

josepascual josepascual at almudi.com
Mon Sep 10 10:21:47 CEST 2007


There is port for gdi and X11, for linux embedded systems it'd be interested
directFB or nanox or other than heavy X11

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> Hi,
> The fpGUI component library is coming on very nicely. Most used
> components have been implement. A few things like a Color Dialog or
> Calendar component is still missing, but should arrive shortly.
> As of yesterday, the fpGUI framework now also has a standalone Visual
> Forms Designer located in the examples directory.  As the name says,
> it is just a UI Designer - I'm not interested in creating yet another
> IDE. Lazarus works just fine for that.  The designer is still
> work-in-progress so there will probably be some bugs floating around,
> but so far it is quite usable. Please try it out and report any issue
> you come across.
> Below are some of the features of the UI Designer.
> =======================================
> * It uses the same source unit as your normal code. No external GUI
> files.
> * It can handle "unknown" or "custom" components and properties. This
> is a cool feature! :)
>   Whenever the designer finds a component it doesn't natively know it
> paints a green
>   rectangle in it's place. Whenever it finds properties it doesn't know
> it
>   adds them "as is" to the Unknown section memo in the Properties
> window. Any
>   code in the Unknown memo will be written back to the source unit "as
> is".
> * The designer can handle more that one form in a unit.
> * When creating a new form, that form can be merged into an existing
> unit or
>   the designer can create a new unit for it.
> * The designer uses comment markers in the code to define what parts it
> will
>   maintain. Existing code (Forms) can be easily amended (manually by
> the
>   programmer) so that the designer can start managing it. No need to
> redesign
>   Forms from scratch.
> fpGUI can be downloaded from it's SubVersion repository on
> SourceForge. Visit the fpGUI homepage for more details.
>   http://opensoft.homeip.net
> Regards,
>   - Graeme -
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