[fpc-pascal] fast text processing

Bee bisma at brawijaya.ac.id
Wed Oct 31 10:40:51 CET 2007

> If you just want to show off, the easiest is simply making a FPC header to
> pcre, it might be useful even.

Making a header on top of other libraries written by other languages is 
showing that FPC is lack of powerful units/libraries. For some 
particular cases maybe it's alright. For example header over OS API, or 
over Apache, or over widgetsets (gtk, qt, wince, etc), or other common 
and huge libraries. But for basic or simple task like text processing, 
IMO we should provide it by ourselves (fpc). Maybe we should write our 
own pascal regex library that is more powerful than pcre, or at least 
equal. That way we could be more "independent". ;)


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