[fpc-pascal] Handling TProcess Output (Pipe) "information by "information" and in Real Time ?

T.Guilleminot tom at guilleminot.org
Wed Nov 21 12:05:32 CET 2007


I'd like to be able to run an external program (a kind of daemon) and 
then grab his output "information by information" and in REAL TIME. Then 
in the caller/main program I will test the output (with IF or CASE 
statements) and act accordingly.

If it seems possible to test on output I have no idea how to achieve this :
 - "Format" the output (from called program) to make single operations 
("information by information")
 - To get output in real time. As per example 
(http://wiki.lazarus.freepascal.org/Executing_External_Programs) output 
is returned and the end of called program. I'm not sure the other 
example (large file) is relevant too.

Does anyone have thoughts on this please ?


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