[fpc-pascal] What about to support of automation technologies (UNO, COM) ?

Andrey Gusev ag888 at rambler.ru
Thu Nov 8 10:11:44 CET 2007

* Marc Santhoff <M.Santhoff at t-online.de> [Thu, 08 Nov 2007 05:47:06 
> But what about the other ones?

I cannot get even the clean comprehension - may fpc operate automated 
interfaces or not (in delphi style or somehow yet, fully or partially) ?
FPC 2.2 reference, pg.40: "Remark: Dispatch interface support for 
variants is currently broken in the compiler."
I cannot compile sources both Delphi-UNO and OOSDK-InstertTables - 
compiler sayed that he cannot process variants calls.
But Florian Klaempfl say "Using the delphi units coming with the OO SDK 
I was able to create documents with OO"!
I make direct post to Florian Klaempfl - he keep silence. It seems 
nobody to know anything definitely about automation and Variants.
What left to me ? - examination (with microscope) of the fpc sources ?
My way to make whatever (with programming at least) is the comprehension 
at first, and the actions at next.
But get the clean comprehension is heavy when people keep secret 
somewhat important from you...
Or, may be, it is honour of poineer occured to me ?...

I will try somewhat yet (i.e. "another ones"), if i will know somewhat 
wort then i will (of course) give that to community.

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