[fpc-pascal] Success: Doom2Freepascal 2.1.4

L L at z505.com
Mon May 21 02:40:41 CEST 2007

Dear friends,

I compiled the famous DOOM game with FPC 2.1.4 and it works better now. Had to make minor syntax
modifications to compile it with 2.1.4.

Now compiling with 2.1.4 it seems to work much better. Basically much better than the last
doomtofreepascal.zip download.
Remember in the last zip file, the graphics were distorted? In this latest zip, they are almost
crystal clear all the time.

Does anyone have any explanation as to why this game is better with 2.1.4? What bug could have been
fixed do you think?

I hate doom, and I hate killing things, but this is good news for FPC compiler quality!

Hats off to FPC team,

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