[fpc-pascal] Re: Re: GDB issues with the latest unstable FPC...

m utku m.utku.k at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 12:12:18 CET 2007

Jonas Maebe <jonas.maebe-3RqwKoEL1alVsUKGZV2E3Q at public.gmane.org> wrote
in news:E5465AEA-A801-416D-AE3F-4845B00B3207 at elis.ugent.be:
 > How do you try to set the breakpoint? You can either use:
 > a) b FOOBAR
 > b) b sourcefile.pas:linenr
 > I guess you are using a) (of course that should work as well)

Another interesting thing is that I can set this with "b foobar" not "b 
FOOBAR". AFAICR documents were telling the reverse.

And also even if I set the breakpoint succesully with "b foobar", it 
will never trigger.
 > Your default configuration file may contain -CX -XX. Alternatively,  
 > you may be looking for the wrong symbol name. It will be called  
 > something like P$PROGRAM_FOOBAR

Nope, no smartlinking and no "foobar" text in the map file FYI.

M. Utku Karatas

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