[fpc-pascal] Re: Re: Lua and Freepascal and ARM

Paul Nicholls paulfnicholls at gmail.com
Mon Jun 25 01:18:09 CEST 2007

> Hi Paul,
>> Hi Jose :-)
>> I can't help you with your problem, but I am curious...
> thanks anyway,
>> 1)    is your ARM system using Linux?
> yes,
>> 2)    for Lua under ARM, are you using dynamic linking or static
>> linking?
> i'm using dynamic linking but you can use static if you want.
>> For dynamic linking, where did you get your Lua 'DLL' from, and for
>> static
>> linking, how did you do this?
> You only need to download lua sources to your arm-linux and make and make
> install it's so easy


>> I would like to get into using Lua under arm-linux myself (already used
>> Lua
>> and freepacal under Win32 with no problems)
> There is differences between freepascal for linux-i386 and linux-arm 
> because
> same program compiling for i386 work okey
> but for ARM.
> I'm testing with a wrapper (Pas2Lua) for freepascal and It work okey in
> delphi-windows, freepascal-i386 but it does not
> work in freepascal for ARM due some problem with heap implementation in
> fpc-arm.
> how are you using (in this way) lua and freepascal in windows? Are you 
> also
> using Pas2Lua?

I think I know the pas2lua you are talking about - created by jdarling 
(www.eonclash.com)? who lurks in the www.pascalgamedevelopment.com site...
I haven't used that myself, but I did make my own unit with helper 
functions, and a class that encapsulates a lua state so I can easily call 
lua procedures, etc. and also call Delphi procedures from Lua.


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