[fpc-pascal] Re: how to compile (PWU) project from command line

L L at z505.com
Tue Jun 19 01:44:15 CEST 2007

> Just trying to compile the 'hiliter' example, I have found 3 problems
> and the last one is a show stopper, so can't continue. And this is
> with the release version of PWU downloaded from SourceForge.
> * Tokenizer couldn't compile under Linux. It had syntax errors.
> * PCharUtils unit couldn't compile it had syntax errors.
> * and now finally ChrStream.pas unit can't compile because it is
> missing a include file which isn't part of the downloaded source!!!
> So now I'm stuck.
> I must say, I'm not having a very good first impression!  And I
> thought of using PWU as a trial for a internal web app of ours.

My first time using FPC I wasn't impressed too. ALl this nonsense about MODE OBJFPC and junk, and
all the dll bugs and dso bugs. Then I got used to it and don't use MODE Delphi any more.

Anyway, give it some time, ask us questions on the mailing list and we will repair any issues you
are experiencing :-)

The hiliter was extra lint that wasn't supposed to be included in release. I forgot to clean
it out in the Zip package.

It is meant to be stored separately as a downloadable demo on


You should use pwumain rather than dynpwu to start out. Dynpwu is a bit clever and complex for
newcomers - it's almost one of those things that needs to be introduced later once you have been
working with the utilities for a few months.

Simpler examples are being worked on. More automated Make/Testing/Release system is being worked on
so that the release will break on issues instead of
lint being left inside the release.

We opened up a separate mailing list for Powtils/PSP so that we do not pollute the FPC mailing lists
with too much web talk.  I see you've joined - thanks. There is
also the PasForum - it is not checked as often as the mailing lists.

You should be able to use Lazarus and MSEIDE, I used to use them all the time. Just change the paths
in your lazarus dialog to resemble the fpc.cfg paths shipped with the demos.


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