[fpc-pascal] how to compile (PWU) project from command line

Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg.lists at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 10:51:09 CEST 2007


I feel quite embarrassed asking this. :)  I am clearly a victim of
relying on programming tools to much (Lazarus) and forgot how to use
the compiler directly from the command line.

I downloaded PWU 1.6 and want to try some of the extra examples.  Lets
take the code highligher example (pas to html converter).

Inside the /hiliter directory there is some source code (*.pas) and a
project/program file (*.dpr) and a fpc.cfg file as show below:

graemeg at pluto:hiliter$ cat fpc.cfg

I have my FPC 2.1.3 bin directory in my path, so can execute ppc386
from anywhere. I tried to compile the hiliter program using the
following, but without success.

  ppc386 pastohtm.dpr

graemeg at pluto:hiliter$ ppc386 pastohtm.dpr
pastohtm.dpr(16,1) Fatal: Can't find unit System
Fatal: Compilation aborted

Now I have a fpc.cfg in my /etc directory which is used when I compile
FPC itself or Lazarus. That works fine. So how do I get ppc386 to
combine the /etc/fpc.cfg and the ./fpc.cfg so all the relevant search
paths are set and the program can compile?
So is there something different I need to do first, like create a
Makefile or something. The hiliter example doesn't come with a
Makefile or makefile.fpc

Many thanks in advance,
  - Graeme -

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