[fpc-pascal] Profane question: can I use the IDE for another compiler/debugger?

Arjan van Dijk Arjan.van.Dijk at rivm.nl
Thu Jul 12 10:21:09 CEST 2007


About 50 percent of my programming is done in Freepascal where I really
really (!!) have
developed a profound (!!!) appreciation for the IDE, which just brings me
back to the old Borland times.


In the other 50 percent of time I have to (no escape) work with FORTRAN.
At first I wrote a bunch of NEdit macros to mimic the Freepascal IDE in
NEdit. In this way
there was not much difference. Only then they rewrote the NEdit
macro-language and
to be honest: the interfacing between Nedit and gdb never really worked.


Can someone from the development team tell me if the Freepascal IDE can be
told to
call a FORTRAN compiler instead of Freepascal, and use gdb instead of the
Freepascal debugger? Just like the Freepascal website can be switched from
english to dutch, I would like to be able to switch the IDE from Pascal to

Thanks for any suggestion,


Arjan.van.Dijk at RIVM.nl


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