[fpc-pascal] problems using utf8toansi

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Mon Dec 10 11:10:23 CET 2007

On 10 Dec 2007, at 08:43, Marc Santhoff wrote:

>> You can compile with -al and search for CWSTRING in the assembler  
>> file
>> generated for your main program. Since that unit has an  
>> initialization
>> section, it will be in the init/final table if it's included  
>> somewhere.
> Hm, that's funny, the string is not found.
> I did:
> 	$ fpc -Fu../zipfile -al -B -FE./bin TestDocInfo
> 	$ grep -i CWSTRING bin/*.s
> and the output was empty.
> Meanwhile I had some look and found that DOM is using a type  
> "DOMString"
> everywhere which itself is defined as
> 	DOMString = WideString;
> so that is an indicator for using widestrings? The uses-line looks  
> like
> this:
> 	uses
> 	  {$IFDEF MEM_CHECK}MemCheck,{$ENDIF}
> 	  SysUtils, Classes, AVL_Tree;
> Confusing ...

The system and sysutils units contain bare metal widestring support:  
i.e., widestring support which only works (as far as alphabetical  
ordering, upper/lowercase support and converting from/to ansistrings  
is concerned) with ascii values <= #127. It is perfectly possible to  
use widestrings in that way, but then they are simply using twice the  
memory for no gain whatsoever.

You have to add cwstring on any *nix platform to get actual ansi/ 
widestring support for your current locale. If you don't, anything  
can happen.


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