[fpc-pascal] Re: Help getting started with FPC

Ingemar Ragnemalm ingemar at ragnemalm.se
Sun Dec 2 13:03:13 CET 2007

> Edward Kearns wrote:
> First of all, note that LWP 0.2.9's demo is TransSkel.p, not  
> NewSkel.p, as in the Lightweight Pascal IDE notes.

Yes, that was my fault. I only included the newest demos, but NewSkel.p 
should have been included all the same, since it is the example demo. 
TransSkel is something completely different.

> Then when I do  
> compile, and see nothing happen, the "about" box says:
> Lightweight IDE: 0.2.9
> FPC (Intel): Failed!
> FPC (PPC): 2.2.0
> GCC: powerpc-apple-Darwin8-gcc-4.0.1(GCC)
> TransSkel: 4.0a1

Looks perfect! (As long as you don't need to compile for Intel.)


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