[fpc-pascal] Help getting started with FPC

Edward Kearns kearnser at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 16:13:16 CET 2007


> I did try LWP, and when I opened New Skel, and Compiled, and Ran,  
> all  I got were error message.

Then I must guess that you either have problems with the paths  
(strange characters that mess up the command lines) or something is  
not installed properly. What does the "about" box look like? It  
should tell what compilers are installed.>>

First of all, note that LWP 0.2.9's demo is TransSkel.p, not  
NewSkel.p, as in the Lightweight Pascal IDE notes. Then when I do  
compile, and see nothing happen, the "about" box says:

Lightweight IDE: 0.2.9
FPC (Intel): Failed!
FPC (PPC): 2.2.0
GCC: powerpc-apple-Darwin8-gcc-4.0.1(GCC)
TransSkel: 4.0a1


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