[fpc-pascal] fp.ini defaults

Norman C. Leet ah255 at mvcn.dayton.oh.us
Mon Oct 9 21:27:13 CEST 2006

When executing "fp" in an empty directory, an fp.ini file is 
generated with AutoSaveFlags set to a value of 6.
Is there a way to arrange for the default value to be 7, without
recompiling the text IDE?
Otherwise, I need to go into the IDE Options, Environment, Preferences
menus and manually set AutoSaveEditorFiles each time I initially use
fp in a new directory.  The setting is necessary so that the source
file is saved during CTRL-F9.  Without the setting, CTRL-F9 only
seems to check for changes for the first change, unless I manually
save the source with F2 first.
An otherwise delighted freepascal user.  :-)
Using slackware linux.

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