[fpc-pascal] Web site now translatable

Daniël Mantione daniel.mantione at freepascal.org
Sun Nov 19 15:33:47 CET 2006


Over the weekend we have started to use a new website build tool. The main 
improvement is support for a multi-lingual website.

The website will still be static HTML; content negotiation is used to 
display the user a page in his own language.

If you would like to make the FPC website available in your own language, 
get yourself translation permissions on the Community. Then, in the 
translation manager, enable translator mode. Then browse to a 
special dynamic version of the website located at 
http://community.freepascal.org:10000/website. Click on the read bullets 
you see to translate things.

We'll download the translated message key regularily and update the 
static website from it.

Currently all message keys necessary to translate the main page have been 
created. I'll continue to add more of them, but it'll take a while before 
the entire website has been added.


Daniël Mantione

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