[fpc-pascal] fpcUnit todo list

Vincent Snijders vsnijders at quicknet.nl
Thu Nov 9 09:41:09 CET 2006

Graeme Geldenhuys schreef:
> Dean,
> As requested.  Here goes...
> Let me know what you think of Item 1?  If you wanted to start with any
> of these, Item 1 would be good. :-)
> ===========================
>            Item 1
> ===========================
> I have an idea on improving the console runner output.  Running the
> app as show below, it always defaults to xml output, which gives you a
> strange undesired result when combine with other parameters.  What if
> we change the default output (when no --format has been specified) to
> just print a summary when the tests are complete.
> That way if specify the params '-a -p' we will get
> Example 1:
>> ./fpcunitTextM2 -a -p
> ....................
> Number of run tests: 20
> Number of errors:    0
> Number of failures:  0

IMHO the 'Number of ...' should be enabled with a new -s (and --summary) 

> ===========================
>            Item 4
> ===========================
> Hierarchy view for test listing in XML.  The XSLT file needs to be
> modified to support this.  The XSLT files for Summary (used for
> emails) and Full (used for html pages) reporting needs to be submitted
> to SubVersion.

First the XML needs to change and then the XSLT files can be adapted, 


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