[fpc-pascal] Code example needed, please!

Alexey Pavluchenko pavluchenko at isp.kiev.ua
Thu Jun 29 12:47:58 CEST 2006

Hello Rainer,

Thursday, June 29, 2006, 11:42:12 AM, you wrote:

RH> My idea is to write the backend in FPC. It shall only use StdIn/StdOut and
RH> also parse its command line options. The Frontend shall be - in a first step -
RH> be written in Delphi or Lazarus, but because I ask here for a friend who
RH> currently uses Delphi, this would be preferred.

RH> My question is:
RH> Can somebody show me a little sample program for that?

RH> It will be enough (for the Delphi-part) to open a window with a textbox and a
RH> button. When the button is clicked, the backend shall be loaded, some text be
RH> piped into it, and that what comes out from the backend's stdout shall be
RH> displayed in the textbox. Nothing more.

You can find a toy example (which basically does exactly what you
need) of using unnamed pipe in Delphi here:


Best regards,

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