[fpc-pascal] nano-x

Carsten Bager carsten at beas.dk
Tue Jun 20 16:16:24 CEST 2006

I am trying to convert nano-X.h to a pas file but I get some errors. 
This is 2 of them.
I cannot se what the problem is, can anyone give me a hint.


at line 698 error : syntax error
at line 964 error : syntax error
Unexpected wrap of line 964
"		{	GR_WM_PROPERTIES props;	\"

-- line 698 --
        " "
        "Bad window id: %d\n",
        "Bad graphics context: %d\n",
        "Bad cursor size\n",
        "Out of server memory\n",
        "Bad window size: %d\n",
        "Keyboard error\n",
        "Mouse error\n",
        "Input only window: %d\n",
        "Illegal on root window: %d\n",
        "Clipping overflow\n",
        "Screen error\n",
        "Unmapped focus window: %d\n",
        "Bad drawing mode gc: %d\n",
        "Bad line attribute gc: %d\n",
        "Bad fill mode gc: %d\n",
        "Bad region id: %d\n",

-- line 964 --
#define GrSetWindowBackgroundColor(wid,color) \
		{	GR_WM_PROPERTIES props;	\
			props.flags = GR_WM_FLAGS_BACKGROUND; \
			props.background = color; \
			GrSetWMProperties(wid, &props); \

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