[fpc-pascal] Daemon doesn't work right at boottime.

A.J. Venter aj at getopenlab.com
Sat Jun 3 14:35:25 CEST 2006

> /me considers recoding the whole thing as a cronjob...
> (A joke, in reality I simply don't have the diskspace to put cron where
> this is needed so it's not an option even if it COULD do the work).
Interesting, I have since learned something else.
In fact it DOES work - but there is an odd difference.
When started from the commandline, the timer starts at 0, ergo my maths (using 
mod to determine interval matches) means that every plugin gets run at least 
once on startup. 
For some reason however, when started at boottime - the timer starts at 1 - so 
things don't run until the first match of their interval setting. 
I actually wanted things to be launched once at boot-up - and then only again 
at the next interval each time.
I do think this is a very odd thing to find though - why would the counter 
start with different values depending on whether it is started by a script or 
by hand ?
Any ideas ?
"there's nothing as inspirational for a hacker as a cat obscuring a bug 
by sitting in front of the monitor" - Boudewijn Rempt
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