[fpc-pascal] X Windows and FPC

Andreas Berger Andreas at TheBergerClan.org
Sun Jul 30 17:11:40 CEST 2006

Very, very nice.

One question: Will eventually be able to reposition objects when the 
form size is changed? For example: A line has two Edits + Label. When 
the form is diminished horizontally, and the two edits no longer fit the 
the same line without violating their minimum sizes, will the second be 
moved under the first? Something like word-wrap, but with component groups.


Graeme Geldenhuys wrote:
> As promised...  Below is a link to a web page showing some screenshots
> (under Linux) and information on the widget set.  I typed it out
> really quick, so am pretty sure I forgot some stuff in the feature
> list.  At a later date, I will create a full web page and put the
> documentation online.
> http://opensoft.homeip.net/fpgui/FreepascalWidgetSet.html
> Regards,
>  Graeme.

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