[fpc-pascal] Compiling the compiler

Andreas Berger Andreas at TheBergerClan.org
Fri Jul 28 04:26:45 CEST 2006

Tomas Hajny wrote:
> On 27 Jul 06, at 19:01, Andreas Berger wrote:
>> Tomas Hajny wrote:
>>> No wonder. ;-) When using "make all", the new 
>>> (2.1.1) compiler is compiled using the starting 
>>> compiler (2.0.x). "Make cycle" tries to make sure 
>>> that the created compiler is still useable, at 
>>> least that useable that it can still build 
>>> itself. It does so by doing the same thing in a 
>>> cycle:
>>> 1) RTL and compiler (ppc1.exe) are compiled using 
>>> the starting compiler.
>>> 2) Everything except ppc1.exe is cleaned, RTL and 
>>> compiler (ppc2.exe) are compiled using ppc1.exe.
>>> 3) Everything except ppc2.exe is cleaned, RTL and 
>>> compiler (ppc3.exe) are compiled using ppc2.exe.
>>> 4) ppc2.exe and ppc3.exe are compared - they 
>>> should be equal. If they are the same, ppc3.exe 
>>> is renamed to ppc386.exe.
>>> 5) If you build more than just the compiler (e.g. 
>>> snapshot or release - i.e. this last step isn't 
>>> part of "make cycle" any more), the newly created 
>>> ppc386.exe is used for compilation of RTL, FCL, 
>>> FV, packages and IDE.
>> So you mean that the newly created compiler is giving the error?
> Specifically, with ppc1.exe (which is 2.1.1 
> compiler already if working with 2.1.1 sources) - 
> you should be able to see this in the log/make 
> output.
Ok, the ppc1.exe was created and but it couldn't create ppc2.exe. I'll 
start developing on the 2.0.x branch until this is resolved. All I do 
should be readily transferable to 2.1.x later


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