[fpc-pascal] Unknown runtime error 202

Burkhard Carstens fpc at bcsoft.de
Thu Jul 27 15:24:45 CEST 2006

Am Donnerstag, 27. Juli 2006 15:15 schrieb Wolfram Kläger:
> Vinzent wrote:
> > > BTW, do you know why exceptions donŽt return a line number?
> >
> > Because you forgot to include the "-gl" switch for automatically
> > including the line info unit?
> As I understand it, this option is only helpful when you are
> struggling with the debugger. My question is: What is the problem to
> throw the line number on the console as well as e.message,
> e.classname and everything else specified in the except clause, e.g.
> the contents of a local variable named LastLineDone?

The program needs to *know* the linenumber, otherwise it can't tell you.
That's what option -gl is for: include linenumbers into executable.

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