[fpc-pascal] CRT (Console Unit) Problems with Fedora 5

Jason P Sage jasonpsage at jegas.org
Wed Jul 26 14:41:22 CEST 2006

	It's me again. I was wondering if anyone has run into a problem
where programs that used the CRT unit and have worked for both Linux and
win32 find that these same programs no longer work on newer lynx's?

I have this whole suite of code - literally megs of source code that works
on Win32 and used to work on some older distros of Linux years back. When I
got them to compile in FPC 2, and they ran on Windows, they would not run on
Redhat Fedora 5 Linux.

I did find that I could probably write an old BBS ANSI'ish alternative to
the CRT unit and maybe make the calls pretty compatible or something -
dropping some legacy TERMINFO stuff etc.... just using escape sequences for
maybe VT400 and Linux console or something. 

(Which my efforts to emulate the CRT calls themselves I've had problems with
- I don't understand all the constructs for some things - but that is me...
and frankly I'd rather use what works(worked) before))

Does anyone know what might be different in current Linux distros that's not
handled like before that might contribute to the CRT unit not working on my
Fedora 5?

A good example is that FreeVision and the FPC IDE do not work on my Linux

Thanks - this one has baffled me for awhile. One solution would be to make a
wrapper to the CRT unit, and depending if I'm Linux or not, use CRT stock
lock and barrel, and use a home made lean terminal emulator for Linux. Does
this sound like a good or bad idea?

Thank You Again!
Jason P Sage

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