[fpc-pascal] Common OpenMP syntax?

Steve Williams stevewilliams at kromestudios.com
Wed Jul 26 11:27:30 CEST 2006

Michael Van Canneyt wrote:
> Which is why I think that it's better to have them as local functions,
> instead of having to introduce a lot of new functions.
> Local functions are very pascal-ish. C doesn't have it, which is why they can't use it.
> Let's use the language features to their full extent.

  *procedure* SubDomain (*var* x       : *array of* Float;
                           istart  : Integer;
                           ipoints : Integer)
     i : Integer;
     *for* i := 0 *to* ipoints - 1 *do*
        x[istart + i] := 123.456;
  *end* /{SubDomain}/;
  *procedure* Sub (*var* x : *array of* Float);
  /// Variables declared here should have /|*shared*|/ context./
  /// This would include the function's parameters then.../

    *procedure* SubTask(*var* x : *array of* Float);
      /// Variables declared here have /|*private*|/ context./
      iam     : Integer;
      nt      : Integer;
      ipoints : Integer;
      iam := OMP.Get_Thread_Num;  /// OMP library calls./
      nt  := OMP.Get_Num_Threads;
      ipoints := Length (x) *div* nt; /// size of partition/
      istart  := iam * ipoints;     /// starting array index/
      *if* iam = Pred (nt) *then*
        ipoints := Length (x) - istart; /// last thread may do more/
      SubDomain (x, istart, ipoints);

  *end* /{Sub}/;
     arr = *array*[0 .. 9999] *of* Float;
  *begin* / // Main program/
     Sub (arr);


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