[fpc-pascal] FPC on SPARC

Mark Morgan Lloyd markMLl.fpc-pascal at telemetry.co.uk
Mon Jul 24 13:33:23 CEST 2006

Tomas Hajny wrote:

> In any case, you might try compilation of sources exported from SVN tag
> release_2_0_4_rc2 - starting with "make compiler_cycle" in fpcsrc
> directory and then possibly continuing with release-like build. I guess
> that this could be done using the makepack script, but I'm not doing any
> Unix builds myself, so I'm not sure. You could check the
> Release_engineering page in our Wiki
> (http://www.freepascal.org/wiki/index.php/Release_engineering) for
> additional information. It would be most welcome if you could provide us
> with feedback regarding your results before this weekend.

Thanks, noted. I'm very much a beginner at Open Source development, and I don't
have SVN experience- that leaves me with a heck of a lot of work before I find
my feet and I must stress that time is already a problem here.

> BTW, can you compile for both sparc-linux and sparc-sunos, or just one of
> them?

Not sure yet. I've got Debian with 2.4 on one machine, and either 2.2 or Solaris
v8 on another- in the latter case I think I have limited ability to update
libraries since it took a lot of work getting the architecture running and I
really don't want to break anything.

Mark Morgan Lloyd
markMLl .AT. telemetry.co .DOT. uk

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