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> > And if this is a "wrong way" of doing this thing, could 
> someone tell 
> > me how it should be..
> You probably want to guard the output with mutexes or semaphores.
> Writing unsynchronized to a stream has always unexpected results.

Did try to wrap both of the WriteLn() with
Same result..

And to answer another post at the same time..

If I use: Writeln('.....', LineEnding);
I get the double lineshift thing all over again, same as using #13#10..

Inside Thread
		 Main Program

Inside Thread

And so on...

And as I said in my last post.

When the program terminates, the lineshift thing is still there.
Seem like something isn't cleared/reset at program termination..
If I press enter, the next prompt end up after the other. (no lineshift) 

olejr at linux-box:~/test> olejr at linux-box:~/test>

Ole JR

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