[fpc-pascal] OOT: Pascal (especially FPC) on Linux community

Ron Weidner xecronix at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 29 19:04:00 CET 2006


Typical Linux people are always talking about C/C++,
Python, and Java as the chosen powerfull and
unbeatable programming language for any kind of needs!
No, I don't mean to start a language flame war here.
But, I think we -Pascal lovers and developers- should
enter Linux community and promote Pascal, especially
our beloved FPC.

Since UBUNTU now is the most Linux distro talked about
these days, I think we should promote our FPC in their
community as well. UBUNTU web forum
(www.ubuntuforums.org) may become a good start. :)


Although I agree that FPC could benefit from a
stronger community, I would suggest that Linux could
be the major benefactor.  I won’t elaborate as this
would just lead to flame wars.  

That said, how to promote FPC is the question?  Well
the best way, I think, is to write something great and
high profile in FPC.  For that, I would suggest
turning to game programming as a potential attention
getter.  Linux, in general, lacks in games compared to
MS or even Apple.  So there is a lot of opportunity
here.  Additionally, much of the software needs of
today (especially in terms of desktop applications)
have already been addressed.  So game programming is
left being one of few areas where new and creative
ideas can shine.

So, if you really want to promote FPC, try teaming up
with a few good programmers and artists to write the
next cool game in FPC.  If you are not the creative
type, try one of the following ideas

* Provide an Allegro FPC wrapper

* Provide a "native" FPC GUI/IO library
FreeBASIC for a reference)

* Provide a "native" GUI for FPC (maybe by
porting/extending CGUI?)

* Port FPC to GP2X (http://www.gbax.com/ -- it’s much
easier to be the big fish in a small pond)

Ronald Weidner
PHP Software developer for hire.

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