[fpc-pascal] OOT: Pascal (especially FPC) on Linux community

L505 fpc505 at z505.com
Wed Jan 25 19:09:54 CET 2006

> Hi all...
> Reading Linux community media (mostly lists and forums), I've seen that Pascal
> language is still considered as non-serious and toyish programming language. No
> wonder if Linux people hardly know about Pascal. Though they're already knew
> about it, the ignore it. Besides, Pascal they knew is the old primitive Pascal
> we know 20 years ago. They even can't distinguish Pascal (as the language) and
> Delphi (as [object] Pascal IDE)! Poor Pascal. :(
> Typical Linux people are always talking about C/C++, Python, and Java as the
> chosen powerfull and unbeatable programming language for any kind of needs! No,
> I don't mean to start a language flame war here. But, I think we -Pascal lovers
> and developers- should enter Linux community and promote Pascal, especially our
> beloved FPC.
> Since UBUNTU now is the most Linux distro talked about these days, I think we
> should promote our FPC in their community as well. UBUNTU web forum
> (www.ubuntuforums.org) may become a good start. :)
> Let's do it! :)

On my local Linux user group I mention Pascal and speak up about it once in a while
(not in a zealot way, just once in a while). Some of them thought that Pascal was the
same now as it was back when they took it in university, i.e. no Units, no
ansistrings, no ability to use include files, etc. etc.
But if you speak up about things and mention that your website is programmed in it or
that Total Commander program was built in Pascal, or that Macromedia used Pascal for
one of their software applications, etc. etc.
There are times when it is constructive to speak up rather than keep quiet. Bisma you
know this I was just posting this message to encourage others..
The fact is if you join a local linux group or a linux list that isn't even local,
you will still have some sort of influence. A lot of people start programming based
on word of mouth (or try new languages based on word of mouth).


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