[fpc-pascal] freereport and tiOPF

Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg.lists at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 18:11:39 CET 2006

> > during Desember.  Get the latest tiOPF framework from the TechInsite
> > SVN repository.
> This is not yet official ? The latest stable version is 1.41 ?

Peter H. , myself and a few others have been using v2 under Delphi for
more than a year.  It has been stable for some time now.  Some class
names and some unit name have changed, and has made it much easier to
use than v1.  V1 is now in maintenance mode, all new features are
added to v2 only.  There are a few people than have some large
projects under v1, that don't want to move yet, but for all new
developement work, v2 is recommended.

> Any chance of donating this persistence layer to tiOPF ?

Already done.  Both the SqlDB and the FBLib persistence layers can be
found in SVN (tiOPF2 only).  The SqlDB layer still needs to be
refactored, to make it even easier to add the other supported SqlDB
databases as well.  Any help would be great.  ;-)

I am in the process of setting up my Linux server to do nightly builds
under FPC as well.  PeterH only does them under Delphi.

> Lazreport is based on FreeReport (fastreport 1 or 2).
> Fastreport 3 is a good engine, 2 was not very good because of
> it's extensive use of global variables, but you can create
> excellent-looking reports with it.

I will have a look at LazReport soon.

> Thanks for this update. You just clinched the decision to create
> a new commercial application with Lazarus instead of Delphi :-)


  - Graeme -

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