[fpc-pascal] freereport and tiOPF

Graeme Geldenhuys graemeg.lists at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 16:45:55 CET 2006

tiOPF version 2 has already been converted to Free Pascal. I convinced
my client to sponsor the work for their next project, and did it
during Desember.  Get the latest tiOPF framework from the TechInsite
SVN repository.

Regarding the persistence layers.  I only needed Firebird support, so
started with that, but persistence layers are quick to write. Anyway,
I started by using the SqlDB components that came with FPC.  I got it
working, until I needed to execute a few sql statements under one
transaction (and the sql statements had parameters).  It was a weird
problem, I will attend to later.

I also needed Server Services, which SqlDB doesn't support and found
another free firebird component set called FBLib (Firebird Library). 
I created another persistence layer using these components and they
work 100%.  I am currenty using these in my latest comercial

I would still like to get the SqlDB components working 100%, as it
will be easy to add more database vendor support to the framework.
SqlDB is similar to Delphi's dbExpress.

Peter Hinrichsen metioned the other day, that he will be using the
Free Pascal compiler with the tiOPF framework for his first Linux
project.  He normally uses Oracle and XML, so will most probably
complete those persistence layers under FPC/Lazarus.

Regarding the visual components.  I opted to do the same as I have
done with Kylix and the tiOPF.  I rather use the Model-Gui-Mediator
(MGM) pattern, to hook the tiOPF objects to standard GUI components
instead of converting the tiOPF GUI components.  Again, converting the
components are not difficult, it is just much easier to get cross
platform abilities when using standard components.  You can also swap
out other components it the need arises without issues.  Look in the
tiOPF SVN repository under Demos for my generic mediating views I

On the reporting side.  I haven't decided what to use in my latest
project yet.  I was going to give LazReport a go.  Under Kylix I used
Report Manager.  There are talks about getting Report Manager to
compile under Lazarus as well.

Visit the news.techinsite.com.au  News Server if you want more support
on tiOPF under Free Pascal and Lazarus.

  - Graeme -

On 2/25/06, Michael Van Canneyt <michael at freepascal.org> wrote:
> On Fri, 24 Feb 2006, Bisma Jayadi wrote:
> > Dear all,
> >
> > Is there possible to convert Delphi code of FreeReport and tiOPF to FPC/Lazarus?
> > Or are there any attempts done? Any hints will be appreciated. TIA.
> I have looked at tiOPF, because I would like to use it in Lazarus myself.
> The core should compile quite easily. It's programmed quite clean, does not
> seem to have Windows dependencies.
> The persistence layers are a different thing: IBX will compile (maybe not easily),
> Indy 9 should, I think Marco got it running. The ADO layer not, because we don't
> have ADO. Oracle: No idea.
> I think the best option would be to try and go for writing a new persistence layer,
> based on SQLDB or so.
> I haven't looked at the visual components, though.
> Michael.
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