[fpc-pascal] Scripting in FPC

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Fri Feb 10 10:38:12 CET 2006

On 10 feb 2006, at 10:24, Kornel Kisielewicz wrote:

> Ugh, sorry to drop into this thread, but that reminded me of a  
> problem I have. I'm not much oriented in licences, hence I ask your  
> help -- I created a collection of FPC units, game-dev oriented, and  
> I wanted to release them to the public for I (and maybe only myself  
> ^_^) think they might be useful for others. After little tought I  
> decided on LGPL - but a friend of mine brought to my attention,  
> that people using the library will still be forced to open their  
> sources if using my library -- which is not what I wanted.

That is only required if people statically link to your units. If  
they compile them into a shared library and link against that, they  
do not have to open their sources. That's the whole point of the  
LGPL. The FPC RTL additionally also allows static linking, as long as  
you make your changes to the statically linked units (which are under  
the FPC RTL license) available.

> What I want is to allow true freedom of using that library -- eg.  
> for a closed-source commercial product too. The only thing I would  
> like is that I am given credit for my work -- if a game uses the  
> libraries, I want to be noted somewhere.

That is not possible with the GPL, LGPL or even the FPC RTL license.  
If you require such credit, people will also not be able to use your  
library in a (L)GPL product, because the resulting license will be  
incompatible with the (L)GPL..


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