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Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho felipemonteiro.carvalho at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 16:36:46 CET 2006


> Sorry, I actually forgot about the freepascal port of
> the SDL lib.  That said, I think that SDL is one of
> the best tools out there for developing games and
> deserved mentioning.  In any case, I can say for
> myself, that I would be interested in and SDL_Image,
> SDL_ttf and SDL_Net port.  But I would also like to
> see some more examples/demos too.  So, I'll start
> sending some demos to the project today.  I have a
> few.  :)

I am using Jedi SDL. It has headers for SDL_ttf, SDL_net, SDL_Image,
and everything else. Works really well.

Yesterday I did this SDL tutorial:
just adapting to pascal.

SDL is really easy. Much easier then DirectX. It also has a really
small library (600kb) and is very portable.

> Anyone with a FreePascal game please e-mail me a link,
> description, hardware requirements, and target OS

I am writing a Civilization-like game.

I started this project many years ago and it was quite advanced. But
back then I wrote it on Delphi, using DelphiX interface for DirectX
and MS Access as database.

It´s just too much work to adapt it, so I am re-writting on: Lazarus,
Jedi SDL and SQLite.

It´s not FreeCiv. I want to do something much better looking and add
many interresting concepts. I would like at the same time, to capture
the civilization playing fealing, and try to do a realist simulation
of ruling an empire.

I started today the rewrite. Here is the first screenshot of the map:

I will be using Lazarus forms to speed up dialog building and use SDL
for the game itself.

I have access to many really great 16mm movies about WW 2, so I may
even digitalize them and include them on a WW 2 scenario.

It has no name for now, but as a codename it can be called OpenCiv.

Hardware requirements: 16MB of RAM probably just that

Target OS: Every OS supported by Lazarus =)

> information and I will link to it from
> http://www.astrodust.com.  I'll be resurrecting that
> site and I would love to trade links.

About the website, is it about a specific genre of games or a general
gaming website?

If it´s a general website, I would sujest that you add things like:

* Forum for discussion

* Wiki for pascal gamming tutorials

> Although, I hope that there are 4
> people here interested in being the core of an indie
> FreePascal game development team.

What is an "indie" game?

Felipe Monteiro de Carvalho

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