[fpc-pascal] unit inet... for resolving dns

lionel lionel at adeli.fr
Sat Dec 16 00:11:24 CET 2006

ok i missed some thing

RFC 1912                   Common DNS Errors               February 1996

    Make sure your PTR and A records match.  For every IP address, there
    should be a matching PTR record in the in-addr.arpa domain.  If a
    host is multi-homed, (more than one IP address) make sure that all IP
    addresses have a corresponding PTR record (not just the first one).
    Failure to have matching PTR and A records can cause loss of Internet
    services similar to not being registered in the DNS at all.  Also,
    PTR records must point back to a valid A record, not a alias defined
    by a CNAME.  It is highly recommended that you use some software
    which automates this checking, or generate your DNS data from a
    database which automatically creates consistent data.

So your are right and i'have to phone to our isp....

Lionel Drevon wrote:
> Nice
> i try the netbd but i found a "bug",i use the testdns.pp provide in the 
> directory of netbd.
> hostAddrtostr('www.adeli.fr') give the good answer.
> but the
>   H:=StrtoHostAddr('');
>   L:=ResolveAddress(H,NAns);
> give me 0 result !
> i notice that the result for this is provide by dig -x
> 92  IN      CNAME   
> 4.1-
> 4.1- 22892 IN PTR   s4.adeli.fr.
> For the resolve unit, it's the same, the unit doesn't like an answer of 
> CNAME for the reverse.. only PTR
> Michael Van Canneyt wrote:
>> On Thu, 14 Dec 2006, Lionel Drevon wrote:
>>> I found in the doc the inet unit, but i don't found it under my 
>>> system nor on
>>> the web
>>> on page http://www.freepascal.org/packages/inet.html
>>> the link ftp://ftp.freepascal.org/pub/fpc/source/packages.zip seem to be
>>> broken!
>> Try the netdb or resolve units; the inet unit is severely outdated and 
>> is no longer supplied with FPC.
>> Michael.
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