[fpc-pascal] FPC on NetBSD (i386)

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Sun Apr 23 00:03:48 CEST 2006

On 22 Apr 2006, at 21:23, Adrian Maier wrote:

>>> So normally it should try to compile sysbsd.pp and not system.pp
>>> (rtl/bsd/sysbsd.pp simply includes the contents of rtl/bsd/
>>> system.pp, but a unit file called "system.pp" cannot have the unit
>>> name "sysbsd"). Is your /usr/local/bin/ppc386 a version 1.0.10
>>> compiler?
> Yes.  the compiler is 1.0.10

Does "make info" also show this?

>>> I think the easiest would be to
>>> a) move rtl/netbsd/Makefile and rtl/netbsd/Makefile.fpc
>>> b) copy rtl/freebsd/Makefile.fpc to rtl/netbsd
>>> c) edit the copied Makefile.fpc
>>> d) run "fpcmake" to regenerate the Makefile from the new  
>>> Makefile.fpc
>>> e) try running gmake again
>>> If you get errors about missing seemingly OS-specific files, check
>>> if those files exist in rtl/freebsd and either copy/adapt them, or
>>> if they're not part of a critical unit (like terminfo or so), just
>>> remove the involved unit from the units to be compiled in the
>>> Makefile.fpc and regenerate the Makefile.
> When compiling the unit
> -  Strings ,  the error says that SIZEINT is not defined.
> -  BaseUnix , the error says that TSTATFS is not defined.
> I've determined that SizeInt is defined in rtl/inc/systemh.inc ,  
> which is
> included in rtl/unix/sysunixh.inc.  And sysunixh.inc is included in
> bsd/system.pp .
> I'm not sure what can be done to compile the Strings unit  ?
> ( maybe I should somehow tell the compiler to use the newly compiled
> sysbsd.ppu ,

So now it is properly compiling sysbsd and not system?

> and not the system unit that came with fpc 1.0.10 ? )

If you just run gmake in the netbsd directory, the compiler should  
automatically use the newly compiled system unit. But there seems to  
be something fishy with your gmake, given that it's omitting command  
line parameters and not detecting the compiler version number  
correctly. Which version of gmake is it? Maybe using the -d or -p  
options of gmake may shed some light on what it's detecting and doing.


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