[fpc-pascal] another fpc RAD: MSEide

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Wed Apr 19 23:15:07 CEST 2006

On Wed, 19 Apr 2006, I wrote:
>> > > I do neither use Lazarus, nor MSEide, but if executable size is really important,
L> there is something called KOL (I didn't use it either). As I have read, it's currently
L> compilable by FPC.

It's in russian, this is my first source of information about KOL
(I got message about it from russian mail list about FPC.)

Me again:
>> > > Speaking of bigger applications, I don't see much difference between 6 or 30 Mb
L> executables...
>> > Try downloading them over a 56k modem ;-)
>> Try downloading a 6M one using a trained parrot (read: 300 baud). Where do
>> you put the border of what is "normal"?

I. Downloads.

Well, I download via one of three ways: (well, almost)
  1. <= 3Mb --- from office (paid traffic)
  2. 3Mb <= <=100Mb --- from home overnight (I have 33600 baud modem and don't plan to upgrade:)
  3. 100 Mb <= --- from friends' one or another unlimited traffic broadband connection (256 Kb --- 100 Mb)

In the third case I have to change my route (to visit them) or wait
for occasion (parties included) (to get burned DVD with what I asked them to download).

I really do download 6-30 Mb packages in similar way.
I really do use for this range even more slow connection than 56K.

II. Hard disk.

Home computer: one photo is 3-12 Mb (compressed). I have thousands and
don't think it's very uncommon or something.

Office: no photos. Plenty of free space.

L> I ask, why are we promoting compiled languages then?
L> It sounds like interpretters would suit us better. Because
L>  1. hardware is so cheap
L>  2. size and memory are not all that important any more.

L> I think this is poor marketing for FPC: telling people that size/bloat is not an issue.
L> Then what good is FPC for us? FPC is a compiled language! The whole point of a compiled
L> language, is to have SOME advantage over an interpreted
L> language. What is this advantage,
L> if not size/memory/footprint? I don't see any advantages.

I like speed.

I can only kinda quote/repeat: look at good commercial compiler
binaries optimized for speed.

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